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MINE is for everything that you have. HUH?

We are building a new Mine, based on the successes (and failures) of the version 1.0. We really, really, (REALLY!) need your feedback during the sensitive stage of designing a new service. Please shoot me a message saying what you would want to see on it.

I will personally respond to each email and thank you so much.

- Peter Green, Mine founder

About MINE

Mine uncovers the good side of the often despised material world: appreciation of objects comes not from the monetary worth or other superficial criteria, but from the value they bring to their owners. Our technology is aimed to increase this value. Mine is about the inventory of our lives, about personal and unique stories behind our belongings, about our things as symbols of our ways, reasons and choices.

We believe that sharing this emotion with another human is a gift, that's why we're building Mine: a first ever social ownership platform where through your personal things it's ridiculously easy to find people who share your passions, values and interests.

Our Team

We are located in the internet. However, our team members are located in USA and Europe, with headquarters in San Francisco, California.
Suggestions, partnerships, collaborations? We're waiting for your idea! To get in touch please use e-mail: feedback [at]

Brands & Manufacturers

We want to help you connect with your customers, build relationships and personalize communication. To learn how we can help each other, inquire and we'll respond within 12 hours (likely sooner): green [at]

Public persons / Celebrities

We feature several celebrity profiles that are curated by fans. To claim or create your official profile, or with questions about how you can curate someone's profile, please get in touch with our account manager via support [at]

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