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MINE is for everything that you have. HUH?

We have started accepting applications for a one-time opportunity
to curate Rihanna's profile on Mine.

To Apply:

Step 1: Fill out the form:

Our first guest celebrity open for curation is Rihanna (,
but you can list other celebrities, if you wish (up to 3)

Step 2: Tell us why you

← Use this to tweet mentioning us (be concise: three tweets max!) why it should be you.

What the lucky curator gets

As the "greatest fan" aka the officially nominated curator you will be given access to the celebrity profile's dashboard, where you can start adding their things as they are being spotted. Your name will be visible (unless you choose not to) as the celebrity's profile curator. We will help promote you as the "biggest fan", that is a sure way to show them that you care. It is also an excellent opportunity to learn deeper about fashion, brands, and technology behind social media!

Who will receive preference

We'd love to see the biggest, most active fans curate their celeb's profile. Please note, that even though no special are skills required, you have to know the basics of visual aesthetics, internet and fashion. But don't worry, if you're really the biggest fan — we will help you get on track.

What happens next

Due to the number of requests, we can't respond to every application. But we will evaluate each one and read every tweet. We will get in touch via provided e-mail within a few weeks if you're selected or we have questions. Good luck!

What is Mine

Mine is an awesome new online platform for things. It allows to connect to other owners of the things you personally own. You can sign up for your own profile. In the context of celebrities, Mine makes it possible to see what things you share with your favorite celebrity! That's why we allow fan-curated celebrity profiles (the actual celebrities don't own these profiles yet).

Please note: Mine is for physical, tangible objects only, which doesn't include software, social profiles, services, haircuts, tatoos etc. (but you can post pictures of them!). Learn more about Mine.

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