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Why would someone list their things?

Because you care about what you own and there are stories to be told. Why you own what you own? What do yuo think about it? Find out what other people think about the same things. Connect with them.

How do I get best of Mine?

Two things: 1) Add as much of your favorite things as possible, include stories, reviews and descriptions. This way you will get promoted throughout the site and will get more exposure and feedback 2) Follow interesting people and see what they are posting and liking.

How do I build the Tree after all?

First, add some things by clicking on a pink "+" on the top left menu. The things you add will appear on your Tree, where you can move, scale and rotate them, as well as create branches. Drag one thing onto another to create a new branch. You can also drag nodes, i.e. intersections of branch lines.

How do I find such cool images?

Google Images. We still don't have a better way.

How do I customize the photo of a thing I added from someone?

When you add a Thing from somebody else, you create your own unique copy, of which you can change the title, tags, description, photo - anything, except the brand. But still the Thing will be connected to all the other relative things. This is a hidden power of Mine's social engineering mechanisms.

How do you make that cool avatar?

In Photoshop. You can upload you avatar with a transparent background (in a PNG-24 format) for the best results. Also when you become a super user, you can get your avatar cut-out and edited by a pro designer!

How do I report a bug?

Please make sure you let us know ASAP! Use our contact page or email support at or use the feedback form (A smiley face in the bottom right corner).

How do I suggest a feature or leave a comment?

Please use the feedback form (A smiley face in the bottom right corner).

What is the number on the top right? (Hint:score)

You get score points when: you get followed (+10), your thing gets envied (+5) or liked (+1), and when you add something (+1). They are of abstract value, but we are planning to give them some real material value later on.

What is Ghost, Legit, Super etc mean? (Hint:level)

When you register on the site you're a ghost, once you get your first 31 points, you become Legit, etc. Those are user levels and they have different advantages associated with them. Click on your score in the corner to track your progress. As a Ghost, you are not visible on Rec, therefore other users don't see your things. You need to earn a little trust to gain visibility.

Adding things vs. Creating things

Adding things means it's already in Mine and someone has it. Click on the Thing and then click "+Mine" next to it's name. Create a thing via "Add a thing" only after you searched Mine for it and found nothing.

Some of the images are not loading, what should I do?

Refresh, then Ctrl-F5 refresh, then delete Cache, reboot, upgrade, and, finally, refresh! In case nothing helped - feel free to contact and tell us about your mishaps.

What does the red save error icon mean?

When your internet connection is poor, we take extra steps to avoid damaging your data: your tree will only get saved once the connection is good. Until then the red icon will signify that the most recent change did not get saved. When it's on, you can try slightly editing your tree (dragging things a little, changing size, etc) to try to save again.

What should I add first?

Anything you want. It's easier to add some widely-popular (i.e. you cellphone, perfume) things and it's fun as you get more matches. But then also consider adding more special objects, those with a story (or a legend). Even things that are unique. We will select the most interesting things to be featured.

Should I be responsible and think ahead?:


Please note that Mine is by design an open community, everyone can see everything, we don't have private profiles (at this stage). So be advised that anyone from the internet can see what things you have - including potential crooks. We dont recommend listing expensive jewelry with with the address and safe-box keycodes. Be reasonable. However, most things should be fine.

Can I add things that I don't actually own?

We can't stop you from doing that, however you're missing the value if you do

Can I promote my brand or store on Mine?


J\k, of course! Fill out the form here. (It's free)

There is an image on MINE that I want removed, because it's MINE!

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