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MINE is for everything that you have. HUH?

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Mine is an objects social network. By our very design,
we are a link between your product and your customer.

Integrating Mine with your retail store will give you:


Insights about each of your customers. See what they have,
where they get it, what they value, what is their social influ-


Increase loyalty by creating a long-term relationship with them. If you’ve got a great product (new, cool and appealing), they will be happy to
share it with their friends, publicly announcing that they got it from you.


Create a micro-community, an owners club for each product. All the cus- tomers comments, thoughts, photos of the product are aggregated on a thing page. Now you can watch the conversation and even take part in it.

We give you the ability to convert each customer to a product-endorser,
Every sale not empowered by Mine is a missed opportunity.

In the end, this is the SMM. If you think about it, what happens on Mine
is people telling other people about your product. Isn’t that what SMM
is supposed to achieve?

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