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Apple iPhone 4

owners club

Looks / Proofpics

Users' photos of their Apple iPhone 4

161 Members

Registered owners of Apple iPhone 4 on Mine
"Finally. We'll see, will it be the first phone NOT TO FUCKING IRRITATE MEE??? 8 GB model, not too much space though :)"
Peter GreenPeter
New York
Peter Green's Apple iPhone 4
"Best phone I've used."
Iura LisivetsIura
Beltsy, Moldova
Iura Lisivets's Apple iPhone 4
"One of the good friends..."
Michael MalenkovMichael
Bel Air
Michael Malenkov's Apple iPhone 4
"Finally) Thanx, bro)"
Inal MamitovInal
San Diego, CA, USA
Inal Mamitov's Apple iPhone 4
"My baby until it got stolen during Gradnight at Disneyland. Still haven't gotten another phone :c"
Katya BeattyKatya
San Diego, CA
Katya Beatty's Apple iPhone 4
"Can't imagine my life without it)"
Sannika TSannika
Sannika T's Apple iPhone 4
"white 16g"
Yuriy LyskovYuriy Yuriy Lyskov's Apple iPhone 4
"I even used it as a main device for my work for couple of weeks in Philippines, worked as a charm"
Evgeniy DankovcevEvgeniy
San Francisco
Evgeniy Dankovcev's Apple iPhone 4
Igor GempelIgor Igor Gempel's Apple iPhone 4
"Just an ordinary iPhone. Nothing to see here:)"
Aleksandr SenotovAleksandr
Moscow, Russia
Aleksandr Senotov's Apple iPhone 4
"My iphone 4s is nearly at the end of its life. The battery is not what it used to be. I'm patiently waiting for the 6 to come out next month to say goodbye to this phone."
Girish NandaGirish Girish Nanda's Apple iPhone 4
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